Melvins Debut New ‘Night time Goat’ Model Off 36-Track Acoustic Album


With a brand new studio album (Working With God) already out this yr, Melvins are retaining the momentum rolling by providing up one thing new by means of one thing outdated — a career-spanning, 36-song acoustic album titled 5 Legged Canine. An acoustic model of the Houdini favourite “Night time Goat” has been launched as effectively.

The gathering options basic songs from the influential experimental rock group’s mammoth catalog, stretching from 1987’s Gluey Porch Remedies by way of 2017’s Pinkus Abortion Technician on prime of a pair contemporary cowl choices by no means recorded by Melvins prior to now.

If this newest rendition of “Night time Goat” is any indication, the hassle continues to be a heavy one regardless of the full absence of distorted guitar and bass, very like when Swans started to veer away from their pounding, metallic repetition that made them such an aural terror.

Hearken to the track additional down the web page.

Guitarist and singer Buzz Osborne commented “I knew I needed to do one thing ridiculously huge. 36 songs reimagined by us acoustically is definitely ridiculous however it works. The magic of the songs continues to be there no matter it being acoustic. Since we weren’t touring we had the time to do one thing of this dimension. I’m very enthusiastic about this file. Dale and Steven did a implausible job on this. I feel it’s a really particular file. I can’t consider anybody else who’s carried out one thing like this.”

“I feel folks can be shocked that we will do an acoustic model of a track like ‘Night time Goat’ with out shedding any of the heaviness. We additionally labored onerous on the vocal preparations,” added drummer Dale Crover. “Persons are going to freak out!”

5 Legged Canine can be launched on Oct. 15 by way of Ipecac Recordings and the complete observe itemizing and paintings could be seen beneath the video participant for “Night time Goat. Pre-order the album here and for those who’re trying to rating the 4LP set, that may arrive on Jan. 28 of subsequent yr.

Melvins, “Night time Goat” (Acoustic)

Melvins, 5 Legged Canine Acoustic Album Art work + Monitor Itemizing

01. “Edgar The Elephant” (A Stroll With Love & Loss of life)
02. “Up The Dumper” (The Bootlicker)
03. “Hung Bunny/Roman Canine Chook” (Lysol)
04. “Hooch” (Houdini)
05. “Billy Fish” (Nude With Boots)
06. “Shevil” (Stoner Witch)
07. “Charlie” (Redd Kross cowl from Escape From LA single)
08. “A Rising Disgust” (Freak Puke)
09. “Eye Flys/Girl” (Gluey Porch Remedies – “Girl” is a Free cowl)
10. “Pitfalls In Serving Warrants” (Honky)
11. “Outdoors Probability” (The Turtles cowl from “Slithering Slaughter” single)
12. “Evil New Battle God” (The Bride Screamed Homicide)
13. “The Bloated Pope” (Pigs of the Roman Empire)
14. “Unhealthy Transfer” (from Dale Crover’s solo album, The Fickle Finger of Destiny)
15. “With Enamel” (Lysol)
16. “Halo of Flies” (Alice Cooper cowl from Sieg Howdy!)
17. “Oven” (Ozma)
18. “Sway” (Rolling Stones cowl – beforehand unrecorded by Melvins)
19. “Anaconda” (Bullhead)
20. “Pretty Butterfly” (Honky)
21. “Boris” (Bullhead)
22. “It’s Shoved” (Bullhead)
23. “Honey Bucket” (Houdini)
24. “We Are Doomed” (The Bulls & The Bees)
25. “Flypaper” (Brainiac cowl – beforehand unrecorded by Melvins)
26. “Let God Be Your Gardener” (Ozma)
27. “At The Stake” (Stoner Witch)
28. “Night time Goat” (Houdini)
29. “Queen” (Stoner Witch)
30. “All people’s Speaking” (Fred Neil cowl – beforehand unrecorded by Melvins)
31. “Revolve” (Stoner Witch)
32. “Suicide In Progress” (Nude With Boots)
33. “Prig” (The Bootlicker)
34. “The Bit” (Stag)
35. “Civilized Worm” ((A) Senile Animal)
36. “Don’t Overlook to Breathe” (Pinkus Abortion Technician)

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