Two brothers with disabilities had reverse reverse pandemic experiences


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It’s 7:00 within the morning and there’s no peace within the De La Torre dwelling. Dana De La Torre wakes up her youngsters, Lincoln and Lonnie Hermosillo, to prepare for college. It’s the identical Monday to Friday routine: Stand up, change garments, have breakfast, and activate the laptops.

Every boy likes to eat one thing totally different for breakfast. Lonnie attire up, and Lincoln complains as a result of he doesn’t wish to change out of his pajamas.

“Lonnie, Lincoln, hurry up, faculty is about to start out!” De La Torre shouts from the kitchen. “Did you sweep your tooth? Did you flip in your laptops? The place did you allow your backpacks?” If every thing is quiet, she worries. “What can these youngsters be doing?” she wonders out loud.

De La Torre picks up the breakfast dishes and cleans the desk. In 10 minutes, the kitchen transforms into a college. Computer systems and pencils exchange dishes and the day’s printed homework replaces tablecloths. After digital courses start, she takes a minute to placed on some make-up and comb her blond hair.

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